One of Germany’s most enterprising and acclaimed Independent Jazz Labels, IN+OUT RECORDS, has an exemplary reputation as a producer of jazz recordings of the highest musical and technical quality.

The objective of the label, which was founded in the university city of Freiburg in 1988, is to produce sound and video recordings of innovative contemporary jazz music using state-of-the-art technology. The company, was named after a 1964 Blue Note album by Joe Henderson, for which IN+OUT managing director, Frank Kleinschmidt, has an abiding affection. IN+OUT aims high and, to judge from the critical response to its output to date, both in terms of the sound quality of its recordings and the musical content, it is succeeding in achieving its aim.


IN+OUT Records is one of the few record companies today still producing high quality vinyl albums as a special service to LP enthusiasts. These state-of-the-art audiophile pressings are produced in a limited edition and pressed on premium vinyl – 30% thicker than the regular LP disc. Costing a little more than ordinary vinyl LPs, these audiophile recordings are being released in response to the significant number of jazz record collectors who retain a preference for the traditional LP format while expecting the highest standards of reproduction quality. These unique LPs are specially manufactured for IN+OUT Records by companies in Germany which have a peerless reputation for excellent quality, built up over half a century.